Play Hangman


Je ukotayari kuokoa Mnyongaji? Jaribu ujuzi wako sasa!



Kumbuka neno kisha upatanishe jozi ya utafsiri sahihi. Je, wewe ni mtaalamu wa lugha?

Match It


Patanisha jozi sahihi ya utafsiri kwa haraka iwezekanayo. Je, unaujuzi unaohitajika?

Je, unaweza kutambua Kiingereza ya Amerika

Unaweza kutambua Kiingereza ya Amerikani? Makinika usiingie mtego wa Kiingereza ya Uingereza!

The bab.la Games are not only fun and entertaining but also very educating. How great would it be to learn new words without studying your vocabulary lists by heart? With the bab.la Games you will find it easier to remember the new words you learnt and you will enjoy language learning!

Learning a language can be a real challenge. It is difficult to remember all the new words, grammar rules and expressions. It is rather simple for children to learn a new language; the older you become the less you have the ability to remember words and coordinate different languages in your head. But what is a good way to learn a language? You could attend a language class (in school or after work), you could travel to another country where the language is spoken and get involved with natives, or you can look for online learning resources just like the language portal bab.la.

bab.la offers a whole range of products for language learning. Our dictionaries consist of millions of entries that will broaden your word power, show you the correct spelling and give you indications about the word in use. Our growing language lovers community on the forum is also a great help to interact with people of different nationalities and discuss important issues concerning language learning, grammar or culture. But one of our very popular products is the Games section. Famous games such as Hangman and Memorize will teach you new words in a playful manner.

Hangman is a guessing game which can be played by two or more players. In the paper-and-pen style one person thinks of a word, preferably a long and difficult one. In the bab.la Hangman Game the word is generated by ourselves and is represented by a row of underscores which also gives you the number of letters. You then have to guess the word by proposing one letter at the time. If the letter is in the word, it will show on screen at the correct place. If it is not part of the word the drawing of the Hangman begins. The game is over when you guessed the word correctly before the drawing is finished or when the drawing is complete without you guessing the right word.

Have you played Memorize before? If so, then our game Match It will be easy for you. When you click on the game a set of eight boxes will be presented to you on the screen. In contrast to Memorize you already see four words and their corresponding translations. Now your task is to find the right pairs as fast as you can. Once you start playing you will also progress on the scale of difficulty and it will become harder to find the right pairs. But this is the way you will learn more quickly and remember the words as well.

Another of the bab.la Games is called Scrambled Words. It is similar to our Hangman Game, but here you already see a collection of letters on the screen which form a word. To make it more difficult and challenging for you we “scrambled” the letters. Now you have to guess which word it is. Simply drag and drop the letters onto the underscores in the correct order.

The fourth game among the bab.la Games is great to train your brain but also your vocabulary skills. When you decide to try the Memorize game you will see a set of eight boxes on your screen. Four of them are marked with a flag that symbolizes the language you are speaking and the other four boxes are marked with a flag that stands for the language you would like to learn. When you click on one box one word will be revealed. Now the challenge is to find the corresponding translation. Plus, you have to be quick because a timer counts down and forces you to think quickly. You win when you found all the corresponding pairs.

Enjoy and have fun learning new words with the bab.la Games!