cookie sheet: baking tray

Mifano ya matumizi

to sheet

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Utafsiri wa Kiingereza-Kipolishi wa "cookie sheet"


Utafsiri wa "cookie sheet" Kipolishi

Matokeo: 1-4 kati ya 4

cookie sheet {nomino}

cookie sheet {nomino} [Kiingr. US]

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Visawe (Kiingereza) vya "cookie sheet":


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Utafsiri wa "cookie sheet"unaofanana kwa Kipolishi


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Unaweza kuongezea tafsiri zako za Kiingereza hadi Kipolishi kwa kutumia neno la Kiingereza na Kipolishi kwenye sehemu ya kuongeza. Pia unaweza kuongeza maelezo mengine kama sheng,eneo na nyanja za somo.


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