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Utafsiri wa Kiingereza-Kichecki wa "swing by"


Utafsiri wa "swing by" Kichecki

Matokeo: 1-8 kati ya 8

swing by {nomino}

to swing by {kitenzi}

to swing by {kit} [kawa.] (pia: to cease, to halt, to pause, to stop)

zastavit se {kit-ji-}

to swing by {kit} [kawa.] (pia: to come round, to pop in, to stop by)

stavit se {kit-ji-}
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You can avoid wide swings in volume in a piece of music by reducing the difference between the loudest and softest sounds.

Snížením rozdílu mezi nejhlasitějšími a tlumenými zvuky se můžete vyhnout velkému kolísání hlasitosti v jedné skladbě.

Pendekeza utafsiri mpya wa Kiingereza hadi Kicheki.

Je, unajua misemo yoyote ya Kicheki? Ama unayo utafsiri wa Kicheki haswa ya namna ya neno ya Kiingereza? Basi shiriki utafsiri wako na dunia na uongeze utafsiri wako katika kamusi ya Kiingereza-Kicheki hapa.


Mapendekezo ya maneno ya mwisho ya watumishi: to get in touch, get dark, blatantly, blatantly, graphic expression

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